Can you bring your own food into Disney World? There are so many Central Florida theme parks each with their own set of rules regarding what outside food can be brought in. At Walt Disney World, the simple answer is yes, you can bring food into Disney World. With the simple answer comes a few restrictions.

What Food Can You Bring Into Disney World?

Overall, you can bring any outside food and nonalcoholic beverages into the parks that you could want throughout your visit to Disney World.  

Here are the restrictions:

  • No glass containers
  • Cannot require any type of temperature changes such as heating or refrigeration
  • No pungent odors (In other words, leave the Limburger cheese at home)
  • No alcoholic beverages

How much food can I bring into Disney World?

There is no limit to how much food you can bring into Disney World. While the sky is the limit, you do need to be able to comfortably carry all that food with you.

We suggest bringing enough food and snacks to hold your family over to the next big meal. Find foods that take up little space in your bag and are not heavy. And yes, you can bring a backpack into Walt Disney World and even take it on the rides.

Can I Bring a Cooler Into Disney World?

Yes, you can bring a cooler into Disney World! While Disney World allows for coolers to be brought into the parks, there are a few restrictions.

  • Cannot be larger than 24” long by 15” wide and 18” wide
  • No loose ice (instead use a cold pack)
  • No dry ice

Be sure to review Walt Disney World’s official rules on bringing coolers into the park.

What are the benefits to bringing your own food into Disney World?

Walt Disney World can tend to become expensive if a family is going for the entire day. There are many tips to save money at Disney World and bringing your own food is a big one. A family could eat three meals and snacks throughout their whole day experience at Disney World. Being able to bring in your own snacks, or even perhaps a lunch for the family can help with those costs.

Another great benefit is for the folks with dietary restrictions or special diets. While Disney is great at accommodating their meals for people with food allergies, being able to whip a snack out of your bag for a quick bite is so much easier than waiting for the coordinator to approve your meal.

For those trying to stick to their weight loss goals, bringing your own healthy options could be easier than finding something at the parks. For example, Eating Keto at Disney is also doable but some may be more comfortable bringing in their own meal or Keto friendly snacks.

Due to COVID-19 precautions and policy changes, most Quick Service restaurants at Disney World are requiring people to mobile order. It can be convenient because you can pick a time slot to get your food, however; the wait can take quite a bit of your time away from the attractions.  

So you brought your lunch but where can you sit to enjoy it?

Outdoor table and seating at Disney's Magic Kingdom in front of castle.

Anywhere you can find a seat, you can enjoy your food! There are plenty of areas with outdoor seating, as well as several indoor places to cool off and enjoy your meal. One great place in EPCOT is Sunshine Season in Living in the Land. There’s plenty of tables and the nice cool A/C to get out of the Florida heat for a bit.

What food & snacks should I bring to Disney World?

With the options being endless, each family will want to bring something different to the parks. We do have a few suggestions of food & snacks to bring to Disney World:

Water Bottles & Refillable Water Bottles

While you can get free water at Disney, bringing your own refillable bottle of water or your favorite water bottle can save you a small fortune at Disney.

Many water bottles can be bought in larger 18-24 packs at the local grocery store for about the price of 1-2 water bottles at Disney. These savings can really add up. A refillable water bottle is even a better idea.

Prepackaged Snacks

While at Disney, hunger will sneak up on you quickly. Having a quick snack to pull out of your bag to hold you over till your next meal can be a lifesaver, and help out your wallet to. A simple Disney World Pretzel costs upwards of $7.

A quick trip to Walmart, or even the grocery store can net you plenty of prepackaged snacks. Try to find snacks that don’t require any cooling, as it can get hot during the summer.

Be careful when bringing bags of chips or anything else that can be crushed. Your bag might get crushed while on a ride.


Having a picnic at the Magic Kingdom in the lawn looking at Cinderella’s Castle can be one of the greatest feelings. Sandwiches are cheap and easy to make. Bringing a small soft sided cooler can help keep your meat and cheese cool.

Dietary Foods

If you require special foods, make sure to bring those. Disney World does not post nutrition facts, and while Disney does list all the ingredients and has allergy friendly menus, it can still be difficult and time-consuming to find that perfect meal. Bringing your own could you stress.

Baby Food

Unless you expect your newborn to dive straight into Disney’s famous Turkey Legs, it would be wise to bring food or formula. Bring a little extra to make sure you have enough if you decide to stay later than your original plans.

Other Items

  • Flavored Drink Mixes (Mixes to add to water bottles)
  • Protein Bars
  • Candy (Disney sweets can get expensive)
  • Fresh fruits that don’t need cutting (you can’t bring in knives)
  • String Cheese
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Dry Cereal
  • Beef Jerky
  • Sodas

Do You Bring Food Into Disney World?

Do you bring food into Disney World? We would love to know some suggestions of what your goto foods you bring into Disney World. Comment down below with some of your favorite items to bring.

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  1. You can bring a container that keeps hot dogs and chicken nuggets warm. I have. Stanley is good and keeps food warm for several hours. Any small packages like granola bars, nuts,cheese or peanut butter crackers and stuff that won’t melt in the heat. Any plastic bottle of soda or juice or water can be brought in and go up to any concession stand and they will give you a free cup of ice. You can bring in any sandwhices but mayonnaise can spoil in the hot heat and make you sick until you have it in a cool container.


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