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Quick answers to some of the top questions.

How Big Is Disney World?

How big is Disney World? Walt Disney World in Central Florida covers 43 square miles of land. Within...

/ March 8, 2021

Who was the only dwarf that Disney didn’t name a Magic Kingdom parking lot after?

Before the Magic Kingdom renamed their parking lots after Heroes and Villians, the original parking lot was named...

/ January 9, 2020

Is Parking Free at Disney Springs?

Yes, parking is completely free at Disney Springs. There are 3 free parking garages at Disney Springs as...

/ January 9, 2020

How much does Disney FastPass cost?

Disney FastPasses are 100% free. Yes, you heard that right, it is one of the very few things...

/ January 8, 2020

Can I bring a bag or backpack onto Disney Rides?

In most cases, yes. You can take your purse, backpack, tote or other bag with you on all...

/ January 8, 2020

Does Disney World Do Rain Checks?

No, Disney does not offer rain checks or any kind of compensation for a rainy day. This does...

/ January 8, 2020