How big is Disney World?

Walt Disney World in Central Florida covers 43 square miles of land. Within this massive plot of land is 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, more than 34+ hotels & resorts, a large shopping district known as Disney Springs, 4 golf courses, a massive private transportation network, and more!

How many acres is Disney World?

A common question we get asked is how big is Disney World in acres? Walt Disney World is 25,000 acres big. That makes Disney World the size of Two Manhattan islands!

Map showing how big is Disney World

How big is Disney World compared to Disneyland?

Disneyland is roughly 500 acres. That means you can fit about 51 Disneylands inside of Disney World.

How Much of Walt Disney World is Just Empty Land?

Only about half of the land at Disney World is actually built on. Walt Disney World has put away a lot of land for conservation while some of the land is not fully buildable due to it being wetlands.

According to Reedy Creek Improvement District, the district in which Disney World resides, 62% of the land Disney owns is undeveloped or conservation. Disney has a big commitment to conversation and when they setup Reedy Creek Improvement District, they also built-in rules that require 30% of land to remain conservation.

This means that at least one-third of the land in Disney World will not and can not be developed in the future. This decision protected by Reedy Creek Improvement District could be changed in the future by the district board, which the State of Florida has recently taken over.

Source: RCID 2020 Comprehensive Plan

Walt Disney World Theme Park Sizes

Walt Disney World is massive in size! As mentioned above, there are 4 theme parks, each with their own unique facts about their size. Check out our articles below for more facts about size on the different parks!

Disney World Size Common Questions

How big is Disney World compared to a city?

When looking at Walt Disney World’s size compared to a city, Walt Disney World would be about three-fifths the size of Washington, DC, which is 46,000 acres.

For a one-to-one comparison, Walt Disney World is about the size of Hilton Head which comes in at about 26,000 acres, only 1,000 acres bigger than the size of Disney World in acres.

How big is Disney World in total?

Walt Disney World is 43 square miles or 25,000 acres in size.

Is Disney World the size of New York?

Disney World in Orlando is the size of two Manhattan islands in New York.

How many miles of road in Disney World?

Disney World is its own city and has over 175 miles of roadway within its 25,000 acres of land.

How many waterways is in Disney World?

Over 5% of Disney World’s size is water. That is 1,317 acres of water, which is 67 miles of navigable waterways.

How Many Hotels Are At Walt Disney World Resort?

Over 12% of the acres taken up by Disney World is dedicated to hotels and resorts. There are 34 hotels and resorts as of 2024 on Disney property.

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