There are a lot of concerns around eating out when you live with food allergies. One of the huge compliments to Disney is the level of seriousness they take when it comes to food allergies. You are able to list your allergies when making dining reservations and your quick service receipt and order are tagged with an allergy tag. We have been pretty impressed with how serious it is to Disney Cast Members.

How does one navigate easily having food allergies at Disney World? Luckily we have put together a list of 6 tips to keep your trip running smoothly even if you have food allergies.

Mobile Order is Your Friend

Disney has done a great job with Mobile Order. It has its bugs from time to time, but the level of detail is nothing short of Disney Magic. Inside the mobile app, you can choose a quick-service restaurant to mobile order from. Keep in mind not all restaurants are on this list, but for the restaurants that are the allergy, menus are right there. If you scroll to the bottom of the menu all the allergy-friendly lists are there. If you have multiple food allergies it is still recommended to go to the location and order with a Cast Member to avoid any cross-contamination issues.

Disney Quick-Service Allergy Menus

Mobile order isn’t the answer for everyone. As noted above those with multiple allergies will still want to see a Cast Member at the physical location. The good news is there are Disney allergy menus available for this very purpose. The menus are very specific in what is NOT in the item you are wanting to order. This allows you to be very selective in your food choices. This option is always available at all quick-service locations including the ones not available for mobile order.

Dining At Disney World with Food Allergies 2

Call the Disney Dining Line

Disney is the customer service capital which is one of the huge benefits to Disney Parks and Resorts. There is a dedicated team of Cast Members who work the Disney Dining Line; a phone number for all things dining at Disney. These Cast Members are able to help you with Table Service reservations, allergen questions and quick service offering questions. This is here for your convenience so use it when needed. The Cast Members are very aware of allergens and where you can and can not eat with certain allergies so do not hesitate to call. They can also help you make reservations once you decide on a Table Service location that fits your needs. (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463.

Mark Your Table Service Reservations

We all love a good sit down meal, but with allergies, it is crucial to inform the Cast Member that is waiting on you. The easiest way to start this process is to mark your allergy in the My Disney Experience App when making your reservation. This alerts the wait staff and our understanding is the kitchen as well. Remember, Disney has all the technology interconnected. The host/hostess will verify your allergies, and the Waiter/Waitress will as well once you are seated. The Cast Member will go over all your options specific to your needs based on your listed allergies. Each restaurant has options for most allergens and if needed a Chef will even come to your table and talk to you about all your options or what they can do specifically for you.

Dining At Disney World with Food Allergies 3

Ask Questions

This is the most important tip of them all. At any time for any reason do not hesitate to ask a Cast Member questions. They will get you the answers you are looking for. They have all kinds of resources at their disposal to ensure you have a fun and safe dining experience. Disney takes allergies so seriously that the Cast Members at the dining establishments are trained to answer your questions.

Can You Bring Your Own Food into Walt Disney World?

If you have severe food allergies and can’t find a decent option on Disney’s food allergy menus, you can always bring in your own food to Disney World. There are no rules against bringing your own food & snacks into Disney. This is a great option for those who have food allergies and are worried they may not find a meal at Disney that meets their dietary needs.

Special Diets

There are also many special diets. While these don’t normally fall under food allergies, they may require a little bit of work to fully understand the menu. Do some research before you go. For example, we have an article on what to eat at Disney World when on Keto. These types of guides can help you to accommodate any special dietary needs you may have.

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