UPDATE 12-05-19 – With the launch of Rise of the Resistance, Disney introduced a new virtual queuing system called “Boarding Groups”. You use the MDE app to be assigned to a boarding group and the app will alert you when your boarding group is ready. Once you have a boarding group, you can then see a Guest Experience Team Member and get your DAS, as, at times, the standby line can be over an hour long. The DAS pass will allow you to use the FastPass+ line (no FP+ are available yet) to avoid that long wait.

  • DAS: A boarding group is required
  • Wheelchair: A boarding group is required
  • VIP Tours: Yes, even for these a boarding group is required

It is unknown at this time if this system is permanent or just temporary for the opening. The information below was the original information we were given, however, we are unable to confirm if/how long they will keep this new method.

A big question that we often hear is if you can use a DAS pass for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in the new Galaxy’s Edge area at Disney. Many are asking because, at this time, there is no Fastpass+ available for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

The simple answer is yes, you can use a DAS on Rise of the Resistance at Disney. It will work just like any other DAS pass, just have the DAS person scan their magic band and then have each guests that are registered with them scan after. They will then send you through a line that looks like it will be a future home to Fastpass+ in the future if/when they start offering Fastpass+ for Rise of the Resistance. This process works just the same as DAS for Smugglers Run, which had DAS even on opening day.

Where To Get Your DAS Pass for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Getting a DAS pass for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is a bit different than the other DAS pass rides. You do not need to get one ahead of time. Once you return to the ride when your boarding group is called you will get verified by a Cast Member. Instead of entering the main ride queue see a second attendant by the entrance to verify your DAS status. If your DAS is currently valid they will simply send you through future FastPass+ queue line. This means you can still get a DAS for a different ride while waiting for your boarding group to be called.

What Is A DAS Pass and How Do I Get One?

To better accommodate individuals who require special services, such as those with autism, sensory processing disorder, and/or any other sensory-related or hidden disabilities, Disney offers the Disability Access Service pass, known as the DAS. Often these individuals will have difficulty being inside of an enclosed space with a heavy amount of people, loud noises, and other sensory-related activities for a long period of time. Queue lines can often be overwhelming for these individuals and the Disability Access Service pass allows them to queue outside of the line by giving them a comeback time that is equal to the current wait time. To learn more about this pass, please check our Disney Disability Access Service article.

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