One of the biggest questions we have been asked is about the use of DAS passes on Smugglers Run in the new Galaxy’s Edge at Disney. This question is often asked because as of right now, there is no Fastpass+ line available for Smugglers Run and most likely will not be Fastpass+ for Rise of the Resistance when it opens.

Simply put, Yes, you can use DAS on Smugglers Run! It works just like all other DAS passes, just have the DAS person scan their magic band and then have each guest that is registered with them scan after. You will then be sent up a secondary line which will most likely be the Fastpass+ lane in the future when they start offering Fastpass+ service for this attraction.

Where To Get Your DAS Pass for Smugglers Run

Just like any other DAS pass, you can get your pass from attendants at the front of the attraction, or, from any of the Guest Experience booths around the park. Our recommendation is to get the pass from one of the many Guest Experience booths rather than the front of the attraction. The attendant at the front of the attraction is often bogged down with a small crowd of others trying to either do rider swap, DAS passes or just asking general questions. This can often be overwhelming for the individual in need of the DAS pass and the Guest Experience booths are often empty and out of the way of crowds. There is a Guest Experience booth right before you enter Galaxy’s Edge from the Grand Avenue entrance (not the Toy Story Land entrance).

What Is A DAS Pass and How Do I Get One?

A DAS pass is a Disability Access Service pass. It is for individuals who have autism, sensory processing disorder, and/or any other sensory-related or hidden disabilities. Often these individuals have difficulty being in an enclosed space with large crowds for a long period of time, such as queue lines. The DAS pass allows them to queue outside of the line, giving them a comeback time equal to the current wait time. Head over to our Disney Disability Access Service article to read more about the DAS pass.

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