Walt Disney World is massive in size. Check out our article on How Big Disney World is for some fun facts about the size of Walt Disney World as a whole. Inside of Walt Disney World is the Magic Kingdom, which is quite large itself.

How Big is The Magic Kingdom?

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is divided into six different lands and spreads over 107 acres of land. What is surprising to most, it is the smallest of the 4 main parks at Walt Disney World.

Mainstreet USA at Magic Kingdom

How Big is The Magic Kingdom Compared to Disneyland?

Disneyland, located in California, was Disney’s first park, opened before the Magic Kingdom in Florida. The Magic Kingdom is slightly larger than Disneyland. The Magic Kingdom comes in at 107 acres while Disneyland is 100 acres.

How Big is The Magic Kingdom Parking Lot?

The Magic Kingdom Parking lot is over 125 acres and can hold over 12,000 cars. This is actually larger than the Magic Kingdom itself! In addition to the size, currently, Walt Disney World is expanding its parking lot to add even more spaces.

Walt Disney World Parking Tram

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What about other parks?

While Disney’s Magic Kingdom may seem large, its small in comparison to its other park which is just a Monorail ride away, Epcot. Check out our article on how big EPCOT is to learn more.

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