This week, Walt Life, a Disney subscription box company sent us one of their subscription boxes to review. With the lack of Disney in our lives due to the COVID-19 shut down, it was nice to have a little taste of Disney back in our lives!

Walt Life Subscription Box Contents

This Disney subscription box from Walt Life comes packed with Disney goodies and merchandise. Our box came with several items with the Disney Villains theme as well as a few Disney 2020 merchandise.

Is The Walt Life Box Worth It?

This question is subjective and comes down to many different factors. When you sign up for a subscription box, you pick which box you want, if it is for male or female and what age range the box is for. We received what we believe to be the Magic Box, and based on the contents, it was made for a preteen girl. We do not have a preteen girl in our house old (just a teenage boy) so many of the items were not relevant to our family.

As for value, we were able to find most of these items at and listed their MRSP prices down below. If our Walt Life Box was the Magic Box, that box runs for $39 each month. The total value of all the items at retail were around $75.

  • Lip Gloss – $12
  • Makeup Palette – $24
  • Umbrella – $14
  • Cleaning Cloth – $8
  • Key Chain – $5
  • Jelly Belly Candys – $1
  • Scrunchies Set – $10

Our Walt Life Box Review

Walt Life Disney Subscription Box Review 10

The items themselves are not poor quality items and are officially licensed items from Disney. This box is a great way to fill the void of Disney between your trips to the parks. They also offer several different types of boxes including the “Surprise Box” which is a box to announce your vacation to Disney.

While many of the types of items found in these boxes can be purchased through third-party sellers like Walmart and Target, the value of what you get in each box, as well as the items being curated to your family, makes this subscription box a fun idea to bring some magic back into your home.

Note: We did receive a free box from Walt Life to review. Our opinions are our own.


  1. MelindaTuminting September 1, 2020 at 2:38 pm

    My August box was not worth $79 at all. Some items looked like from grandma’s closet and some from the 99cent tourist shop on top of that a broken mug that was old? There’s no phone number to contact them. Maybe due to covid19 they are not able to get merchandise but would rather them tell me than send me a bunch of junk!


    1. I agree just got a bunch of junk. Some items were dated 2016. Some jelly belly’s, hand sanitizer not even Disney oriented, and something we don’t even know what it is, and a mug that isn’t worth $2.00.


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