We received free tickets and a wax hand to share our experience in this article. Our review below is our honest opinion of our visit.

We were invited out to Madame Tussauds during the 2019 holidays to create a Holiday Wax Hand and experience the wax museum. We have visited many different attractions and museums, however, this would be our first time visiting a wax museum. It was a unique experience and one that we enjoyed.

We have never been big “celebrity” people, however, we really enjoyed seeing these different stars and historical characters. What we found most interesting is being able to stand next to them and see some of these “larger than life” stars in their actual size. Lady Gaga for example really surprised on her smaller size as well as seeing the size of Taylor Swift. We knew Taylor Swift was tall, but, standing next to her we really realized how much taller she is.

The Museum and Figures

The museum has many wax figures with sets built for each one. Unlike most museums, here you are allowed, even encouraged to touch and interact with the exhibits. You can throw your arm around your favorite musician or movie star to grab that perfect selfie.

In addition to being able to touch and interact with the displays, there are a bunch of different props available to pose with the different figures. For example, there is a guitar to pick up with Taylor Swift, a megaphone with Steven Spielberg, and crazy hats and wigs to wear with many others.

There are also full scenes you can be in. You can sit at the desk in the oval office, pick up the red phone with the president looking over your shoulder or jump on a bike with ET.

This museum was built for photos! Make sure you have your camera with you so you can grab many photos. My only complaint is the lighting can be a little low in some areas, so be sure to bring a Speedlight or enable the flash on your phone to get a better photo.

Creating a Wax Hand at Madame Tussauds Orlando

On this visit, we got to create a Holiday Wax Hand. The wax hands are a normal experience, however, during the holidays you can add glitter for an additional $3. The price when we visited to create Wax Hands at Madame Tussauds Orlando was $15.

The experience of creating a wax hand is unique. They have you soak your hand in ice water for 30 seconds which is very cold. After your ice bath, your hand gets washed and dipped 3 times into hot wax.

The sensation going from the cold to the hot was very weird and made my hand and brain feel confused, but not painful. After that, it is back to the ice bath for about 30 more seconds. At this point, you do not feel much because the thickness of the wax protects your skin.

Then, it is back to the hot wax for three more quick dips. During this last process, they ask what color you want. They take you back for another soak in the ice water and begin slowly removing the wax from your hand. It might crack a little (mine did), but that is okay because they are able to easily repair it.

They then dip it into your color choice and ask if it is dark enough. This is your chance to really make it your own. I went with blue and only had them dip it a couple of times so it was lighter in color. After that, they sprayed it with glue and coated it in glitter.

The whole experience took under 8 minutes. We did have to wait in about a 10-minute line, but all in all not too bad. I am also extremely sensitive to temperature and hot and cold so hopefully, that helps you decide if this activity is right for you.

The finished Wax Hand

Save Money with Combo Tickets

Tickets to Madame Tussauds will cost $25.50, however, there are ways to save! The entire attraction will take about 1-2 hours to go through, depending on how many photos you want to take.

Madame Tussauds Orlando is located in ICON Park, a 20-acre walkable entertainment complex with multiple attractions. You can purchase combo tickets which include multiple attractions at a discounted price on Madame Tussaud’s website. These combos can save you upwards of $34 if you wanted to do all 3 attractions on property.

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