A common question we are asked is “Can I bring a GoPro to Disney World” or “What is Disney’s GoPro Policy”. Walt Disney World does not ban GoPro Cameras in their parks or even on rides.

What is Disney’s GoPro Policy?

Disney does not have an official GoPro policy, however, it falls under the general Disney World camera rules. GoPros are allowed at Disney as well as most GoPro accessories.

Can I bring a GoPro on Disney Rides?

Yes, Disney is very relaxed on their rules regarding cameras in the Disney parks. This extends to the rides aswell. Unlike other Orlando Themeparks who have strict rules on using cameras or GoPros on rides, Disney allows you to bring any camera, including a GoPro on almost all rides. While the rules are very relaxed, for the safety of others and to not ruin it for everyone, please be sure to use a strap or some method to attach your camera or GoPro securely while riding.

Is the GoPro 3-Way allowed at Disney World?

No, the GoPro 3-Way Grip is not allowed at Disney World. This falls under their selfie stick ban and is not permitted within all Disney Parks.

Are GoPro body and head harnesses allowed at Disney World?

GoPro brand name body and head harnesses are allowed at Disney World. These are great for taking your GoPro on Disney Rides.

Can I use a GoPro at Disney Waterparks?

Yes, GoPros are allowed at the Disney Waterparks. We recommend having a body or head strap as some of the slides can be intense. Also, be very careful when swimming the wave pools to not lose your camera. The waves can be rough, especially at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon during the larger waves.

Can I bring a GoPro Gimbal to Disney World?

Yes, as long as it does not extend. Gimbals are allowed in Disney World and can be a great way to get stable footage from your trip.

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