Traveling for those on the Spectrum offers its own sets of unique challenges. Disney is one place that we have found has some amazing ways to help those with autism or other hidden disabilities while on their trip.

Get A DAS Pass

The Disability Access Service Pass is a virtual queue line. This pass allows you to visit guest services or a guest experience team booth to get a return time to come back to a ride. Only one DAS can be taken out at a single time, but utilizing this service does not impede your ability to use FastPasses. This service does allow you to have a peaceful time while trying to maximize your trip.

Pace Your Trip

It is important to enjoy your time at the parks. It happens all too often that people over plan their trip to Walt Disney World. The great thing about Fast Pass+ and the DAS pass is that you can really take it at your own pace. There are quiet places to stop around the park and use these to your advantage. The Hall of Presidents is a good example of a place to stop, enjoy the show, soak up the A/C, take a breather and rest up for another stint of excitement.

Bring Headphones and Music

Being comfortable is important for those on the spectrum, or at least as comfortable as possible. Disney is a lot to take in with the crowds, smells, sounds, and even tastes. Having headphones and music really helps our family member on the spectrum to control the noise he is exposed to. He brings over the ear Bose Headphones or in the ear Bose Headphones and both seem to work great for him to block out the surrounding ambient noise. This really does help his day go much smoother.

Book FastPass+ Ahead Of Time

Booking your ride FastPasses ahead of time is huge for those on the spectrum. It allows them to have a visual schedule and to know what is coming next. It also allows them to get in 4 rides in conjunction with the DAS instead of just 3. As soon as your 3 Fastpasses are used up then you can grab more one at a time. Using the Fastpass line also eases up anxiety around waiting in long lines so use it and use it to the fullest.

Be Patient

Whether traveling with someone on the spectrum or just visiting the parks be patient. The crowds are hard to deal with and we have had to stop numerous times for our family member to take a break. Breaks are okay! The important thing is to have fun! The Cast Members are there to help you if needed so if you feel you might miss a Fastpass or dining reservation just talk to a Guest Experience Team member and they will be happy to help you out. Your vacation is about having a good time not necessarily about rushing from place to place.

Hopefully, this quick guide will help anyone visiting the parks that is either on the Spectrum or is traveling with someone on the Spectrum. May your trip be full of magic!

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