One of the perks of being a Disney Annual Passholder is the free Disney Passholder magnets. There are two types, the first being a standard Disney Annual Passholder magnet which arrives by mail. The second type is the special event Passholder magnet. These are often given out at special events, usually festivals, to Disney Passholders who have entered the park. To them, you simply goto a pickup location, scan your Magicband or Disney Annual Pass, and receive your free Disney magnet.

These magnets can be placed on any metallic object, such as a refrigerator or even a car. Many do add these magnets to their car, however, due to a high rise in the theft of these magnets, yes even in the Disney World parking lots, many of opted to put these magnets on their refrigerator at home.

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There are a lot of different designs and character Passholder magnets. Let’s run through all of them to date.

The Original Disney Passholder Magnet

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This was the black & white original Disney Passholder magnet. It was given to Disney Annual Passholders and was in black and white only. This was replaced by the Mickey orange standard magnet listed below.

Orange Standard Mickey Magnet

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When you become a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder you are mailed a free Passholder Magnet. This magnet is orange with Mickey on it with the text “Walt Disney World Passholder” written below. These magnets can take some time to get so be patient.

In addition to the first one you receive, you will also get a new one mailed to you each time you renew. It will be the same design.

Mickey Holiday Magnet 2017

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This was the first uniquely designed Passholder magnet. This magnet featured the standard Passholder magnet but with a blue background and Christmas lights strung up around Mickey.

An email went out to all Passholders letting them know they could pick up this magnet from December 1st-17th, 2017 from Mickey’s Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

2018 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Mickey & Minnie Magnet

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For Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival in 2018, Disney offered two magnets to be released during different dates. Passholders could claim both magnets if they visited the parks during those periods.

Flower And Garden 2018 Mickey Magnet

From February 28th through April 8th, Passholders could pick up the Flower and Garden 2018 Mickey Passholder Magnet at Epcot. This magnet featured Mickey with a bright green background containing leaves and flower pedals. In addition, this magnet also had a blue butterfly on Mickey’s nose to add some unique details.

Flower And Garden 2018 Minnie Magnet

From April 9th through May 28th, Passholders were able to pick up the Flower and Garden 2018 Minnie Passholder Magnet. This marks the first time Disney featured a different character than the traditional Mickey Mouse design. This magnet had Minnie Mouse on a purple polka-dotted background wearing a red hat with a flower sticking out of the top.

Summer 2018 Donald Duck Magnet

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In the summer of 2018, Disney offered the first-ever Donald Duck Passholer magnet. This magnet was offered at Disney’s Hollywood Studios from May 18th through June 29th. This magnet featured Donald Duck on an aqua background and an orange starburst.

2018 Food & Wine Festival: Chef Mickey Magnet

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At Epcot’s 2018 Food & Wine Festival, Disney went back to featuring Mickey on the Passholder magnet as Chef Mickey. The Chef Mickey Passholder magnet was offered for the entire festival, August 30th through November 12th, 2018 in the Festival Center. This magnet featured Chef Mickey atop a dark purple background with forks and spoons. Along with the magnet, Passholders we’re also offered an exclusive complimentary cutting board on their 4th visit.

Goofy Holiday Magnet 2018

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For Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays 2018, Disney released the 2018 Goofy Holiday Passholder Magnet. This magnet was available November 18th through December 30th, 2018 at the Port of Entry in Epcot. This magnet feature Goofy on a blue background with snowflakes.

2019 Festival of the Arts Figment Magnet

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There was a ton of excitement around Epcot’s 2019 Festival of the Arts Figment Passholder Magnet. For this magnet brought a beloved character from one of Epcot’s attractions to a Passholder magnet. This magnet contained Figment, from Journey Into Imagination with Figment. The design of this magnet features Figment’s face with a purple background.

2019 Flower & Garden Festival Pluto & Daisy Magnets

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In 2019, Disney continued its trend of releasing two different magnets for the 2019 Flower & Garden Festival. These two magnets would be released at different dates during the festival.

These magnets had some controversy around them. These magnets were larger than the previous set of magents released. They also were not made with the same quality as many posted into Facebook groups photos of the new magnets pealing.

Flower And Garden 2019 Pluto Magnet

From March 6th through April 10th, the Pluto magnet could be picked up by Passholders at both Mouse Gears and Port of Entry. This magnet featured Pluto with a turquoise background and green leaves.

Flower and Garden 2019 Daisy Magnet

From April 11th through June 3rd, the Daisy magnet could also be found at both Mouse Gears and Port of Entry. This magnet featured Daisy with a pink background and yellow flower shapes.

Complimentary Simba Magnet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

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In order to try and draw crowds away from the opening of Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge, Disney released the Simba Magnet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This was a limited release from August 29th through September 5th. During this release, Disney ran out of the Simba Magnets by September 1st and offered to mail the magnets to any Passholder that arrived up until September 5th.

These magnets were back to the normal-sized magnets and also look to be the same quality as the magnets previous to the 2019 Flower & Garden magnets. It seems as if Disney heard the complaints and switched back to their previous vendor for these magnets.

2019 Food & Wine Festival: Chef Minnie & Remy Magnet

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For the Epcot’s 2019 Food & Wine Festival, Disney released two magnets. These new magnets also were back to the original size and quality prior to the 2019 Flower & Gardern magnets. These can be picked up during different dates of the festival.

2019 Food & Wine Festival: Chef Minnie Magnet

From August 29th through October 14th, Passholders could pick up the Chef Minnie Pasholder magnet at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival. This magnet featured Chef Minnie with a pink background and forks and knives.

2019 Food & Wine Festival: Remy Magnet

From October 15th through November 23rd, Passholders could pick up the Remy Passholder magnet at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival. This magnet featured Remy in a Chef hat with a yellow cheese background.

Future Magnets

As new magnets are released, we will add updates to this article.

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