Festival of the Arts is one of the absolute most loved but often overlooked festival at Epcot. One of the things that I love about the Festival of the Arts is the fact that the artists are there on the property doing workshops, classes, seminars, and they have booths to sell their art. On top of all of this they even have shows where artists are actively painting and engaging the audience.

Figment’s Art of Immagination

This year’s Festival Festival of the Arts features Figment he is a well-loved little dragon, and he has a ride located in the future world area. You will find Figment hidden throughout the festival in paintings as part of a hidden scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt is a small fee of $6.99, and you exchange your hunt map for a coloring book at the end of The Hunt. This year also features Figment Ears, and they are adorable. They look just as cute as the dragon himself.
There a few other passholder goodies that only pass holders can get their hands on such as the Figment cookie available at Taste track, the Figment magnet which is available at Port of Entry and MouseGears, and other merchandise that is specifically for pass holders featuring the little guy.

Different Types of Art

You will find that the Festival of the Arts is broken up into a couple of different categories.

Visual Arts

The first being visual art, one of my favorites is the sidewalk chalk art throughout the park. There is art that’s for sale throughout the park at various booths. There’s an animation Academy in the Festival Showcase as well as other paid workshops that you can participate in daily. There’s also a paint-by-numbers mural out at the beginning of the world showcase. The wall is a fun opportunity to get your children involved with art on their level.

Performing Arts

Another type of art featured at the festival of the Arts is performing arts. One of the cool things that Disney does is they have the top high school bands performing Jazz and pop music as well as having Broadway concerts every night. You can see the schedule for those concerts here. The concerts are located in the American Garden Theater every night at 5:30 p.m. 6:45 p.m. at 8 p.m.

There are several dining package options for the shows at American Garden theater every night. These packages allow you to have lunch or dinner at one of your favorite restaurants. Now they do limit which restaurants are participating, but you can get an advance dining reservation for your restaurant and then get a return time for the show. Standby lines are quite long, and not everyone will be seated so this is the best way to guaranteed seating.

Culinary Arts

The other type of art that is featured that is my favorite is culinary arts just as Food and Wine Festival does there are boots around the park that allow you to try food from different chefs some from on the country that their near and some are just an interesting take on food. At Taste track you will find a lobster bacon mac and cheese served in a warm bread cone we tried this out, and while it is good I would not say it’s impressive but they also serve paintbrush churros with your cinnamon sugar churros dipped in the colorful white chocolate, and that’s pretty dang good.

We’ve yet to try any of the other food out at the festival of the Arts. However, one of the stops we have on our must-do list is at refreshment port near Canada, and that is for lobster chips. The lobster chips is a lobster topped house-made chip basket with lobster bisque cheese sauce pickled jalapenos and citrus cream. I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

Another exciting offering for the food is The Deconstructed Dish. This location deconstructs classic food items and creates a deconstructed version so instead of having a strawberry cheesecake where you have the crust and the cheesecake in the center and then the strawberry on top it’s going to be a cookie with fresh Florida strawberries and a whipped New York style cheesecake filling on the side.

More Festivals Coming Soon

If for some reason the Arts are not your thing but you love flowers and Gardens then you’ll be happy to know that March 6th through June 3rd is the flower and garden festival this will feature the garden Rocks concert series as well as new fresh flavors with food and Brilliant topiaries placed around the world showcase and future world.

What is your favorite part about the Epcot festivals or even specifically the Epcot Festival of the Arts? We would love to hear from you!

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