In September SeaWorld’s Aquatica Orlando offered bring a friend for free tickets, so that is exactly what we did. In order to make the most of our family members experience we decided to rent a cabana for the day. The experience was amazing and made me reconsider the value that Aquatica cabanas provide. Having a place to disappear to when the park gets loud, overwhelming, or even if you just need a break is amazing. Roa’s Rapids is a great way to just float, but sometimes we all need that little place of serenity, and the Cutback Cove Cabanas provided us just that.

Aquatica Cabana Types

There are 4 areas that have cabanas throughout Aquatica Orlando. These cabanas vary based on location, size, and furniture. All cabanas include the same basic amenities mentioned below.

Cutback Cove Cabanas at Aquatica

Cutback Cove Cabana at Aquatica Orlando

Cutback Cove is the base level and least expensive. These are to the left of the wave pools and are very shaded. They are in their own private area where only cabana guests can enter. The Cutback Cove Cabanas do not have any pool views and are secluded with trees and plants. 

These are our favorite cabanas for a few reasons. One, they are the cheapest option. Two, these cabanas are secluded and away from the louder areas of the park. You can relax and enjoy a quick rest on a busy day. 

Roa’s Rapids River View Cabanas at Aquatica

Roa's Rapids Cabanas at Aquatica Orlando

The Roa’s Rapids River View Cabanas provide you with a view of Roa’s Rapids. At first, we thought this would be a perk that would make these more desirable. In reality, the Roa’s Rapids cabanas were loud as they are located in between the rapids entrances. Any visitor to Aquatica knows, the rapids have lots of guests screaming, splashing and having an all-around good time.

These cabanas did seem great for families with young kids as the entrance is right by the kid splash area. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the Rapids or kids splash area and you also don’t mind some noise, this may be the perfect cabana rental for you. 

Cutback Cove Pool View Cabanas at Aquatica

Cutback Cove Pool View Cabanas at Aquatica Orlando

These cabanas are located in the same area as the Cutback Cove base level cabanas, however, these ones are located on the deeper end of the Cutback Cove wave pool with a view of the pool. 

When spending a day at a waterpark, it can be nice to have a view of the pool. Once the waves start going, it can start to louder on a busy day. 

Beach Front Cabanas at Aquatica

SeaWorld's Aquatica Cabana Rental Review 2

The beach front cabanas at Aquatica Orlando are right on the beach of the wave pools. These cabanas have sand floors vs concrete floors in all other cabanas. The beach-front cabanas do have a little bamboo fence around them to give you the feeling of a private space. Aquatica marks these cabanas as being the most desirable location in the park, however, I disagree. 

These cabanas are smack dab in the middle of the beach of the wave pools. There is no real feeling of privacy in these cabanas. If you are people/crowds person, this cabana may be more desirable for you, however, for us, we felt it was too much in the open.

Premium Cabanas at Aquatica

Premium Cabanas at Aquatica Orlando

The Premium Cabanas are located on a private “island” in between the two wave pools, however, seemed not quite as shaded. These cabanas feature upgraded furniture and seem to have a little extra space. The quality level of these cabanas is a step above the other cabanas offered and will give you a more luxurious feel if that is what you are looking for. 

Roa’s Rapids Family Cabanas at Aquatica

Roa's Rapids Family Cabanas at Aquatica Orlando

The Roa’s Rapids family cabanas are perfect for that larger family. It is located on the island inside of Roa’s Rapids near the park entrance. This cabana is unique in that the price includes up to 7 guests and you have two cabanas, with a view of Roa’s Rapids. These family cabanas offer a table that the entire family can gather around and enjoy a meal. 

As mentioned with the Roa’s Rapids Cabanas, these are located directly on the Roa’s Rapids river. This can become loud and not as peaceful as some of the other cabanas may be. This cabana is perfect for families or larger groups. 

Ultimate Cabanas at Aquatica

Ultimate Cabanas at Aquatica Orlando

Are you looking for the true VIP experience? These might be the perfect cabanas for you. Obviously, these are the most expensive cabanas in the park but include extras that you don’t get with any of the other cabanas. 

These extras include upgraded furniture, dining table for 6, a second cabana with a couch, coffee table and some additional seating. These cabanas include up to 8 guests and provide 16 free water bottles as opposed to the 12 you get in the other cabanas.

You will find these cabanas located on the private “island” between the two wave pools, all the way in the back behind the Premium Cabanas. These cabanas are very secluded and tucked away for that ultimate experience.

What is Included as Basic Amenities

There is a lot to cover when we talk about what all the cabana rental includes, and what is the cost value of those items. Most of the cabanas at Aquatica Orlando include 4 people in the price and a nominal fee for additional individuals.

In each cabana, there are several amenities provided at no additional cost:

  • Refrigerator complete with 12 free water bottles
  • Towels that cabana staff will replenish after use 
  • An extra-large locker
  • Lounge chairs for 4
  • A ceiling fan for those hot summer days
  • Dedicated cabana staff

Cabana Lockers

The locker is a keyed locker and the key is on an elastic wristband so you don’t lose it. These lockers are larger than one of the large-sized rental lockers across the park. It is about the size of one large and one small locker combined. There should be plenty of space to lock away your valuables. Also, because the area is secured and the only ones that have access to the cabana areas are the others that have rented a cabana, you can usually leave items like clothing and nonvaluables out and about without fear of losing them. 

Towel Service

The towels are provided one per guest and are periodically replaced. My wonderful child can not hang a towel up to save his life and at least twice we came back from riding rides and the towel he left on the ground was replaced with a fresh clean towel.

Dedicated Cabana Staff

The Aquatica cabanas provide staff dedicated to the area and someone is always there to greet you, help you, and make sure your visit truly is amazing! They are able to help answer any questions you may have, take food orders, replenish your towels and make you feel like a true VIP. 

Refrigerator Stocked With Water

The refrigerator is a mid-size fridge, but big enough if you bring a small cooler of sandwiches or drinks and other than the water it is empty and ready for you to use. You wouldn’t think how important a refrigerator is at a waterpark until you have one!

Food, Food, and More Food

The cabana staff is there to provide you with any assistance needed. It just so happened that we had someone with us with a severe food allergy. We made the attendant aware and they provided us with a list of food that could be consumed.

The menu is NOT from the restaurants as a whole, but rather a mix of items. You can see the menu below. This menu can change, but the pricing seems pretty much the same as the rest of the park. One thing we did not realize but found out after we ordered was that the chicken fingers “meal” is just the chicken. The menu is not extremely clear so if you have any questions ask a cabana attendant.

Aquatica Cabana Menu
Aquatica Cabana Special Menu

Service Matters

Paying for an Aquatica cabana rental upgrade was a hard decision for me. I am typically a no-frills, no extras, we are packing sandwiches theme park-goer. Going with a larger group made the decision a tad easier. The level of service that was provided was mind-blowing to me.

Every 30-45 minutes an attendant would come by and see if we needed anything. These attendants do NOT receive tips. Any money you tip them goes directly to the Sea World Conservation fund (link to funding site). The service provided was amazing! My child got injured and after the first aid team was done patching him up, the cabana attendants would come by and check on him as well. Overall the experience was way better than I ever expected. It truly added to the entire park experience.

Value vs Cost

Going into this experience I was highly skeptical that the value/cost relationship would make sense. I felt like the cabanas were far too expensive to be worth the price we were paying. I was wrong. Let’s take a quick look at the numbers:

  • Large Locker Rental – $15
  • Towel Rentals for 4 Guests – $20
  • 2 Covered Loungers (not private) – $40

The Total for all of these amenities when purchased separately: $75

Aquatica Cabana Rental – $49 for 4 people at Cutback Cove (off-peak) *
*Additional people are $15-30 depending on cabana type Cutback Cove is $15.

The above doesn’t include the 12 water bottles, a $42 value, or the intrinsic value of having a place for your 12-year-old on the spectrum a quiet place to disappear, recharge, and rest. There is immense value there.

Pricing for the varying cabanas depends on when you book, park capacity, and is very variable. Visit Aquatica’s website to view the current prices for Aquatica cabana upgrades. Book early, and check back often. Personally, I am not sure I would pay for a cabana on a peak day as the lower level cabana maxes out around $120, but it really comes down to the value that shaded getaway is to you. The amenities are worth about $75 (excluding water bottles) when purchased separately.

All in all, I would highly recommend considering an Aquatica cabana rental on your next visit to SeaWorld’s Aquatica Orlando. The peace of mind, serenity and overall care provided by the attendants made the trip so much better than we have experienced in the past. We will be considering Aquatica cabana rentals much more often on our trips to Aquatica Orlando. It really made the park feel like an oasis with rides.


  1. I just stumbled upon you article years later. My family has decided to go on girls only vacation a year after vaccines are fully out for the pandamonium. We have decided that a cabana is a must and you detailed description has helped us decided what is important and location of the were we want our cabana to be. WE really don’t care about the upgraded furniture as it more important to have as much space between other parties as possible. We are going during peak season but that is due to everyone’s schedule but it’s still cheaper than the Volcano Bay cabana rental. Thank you for this because it is our first time going to a Seaworld waterpark and we want to be away from people and just chill in a quiet area as a family.


    1. Avatar of Chris Edwards

      Awesome! Yeah, they’re perfect for social distancing. Pro tip, bring some extra masks incase your first set gets wet. A wet mask is no fun.


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