Welcome to our ultimate guide to Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CocoCay! For Royal Caribbean cruisers in the Caribbean, this private island owned by Royal Caribbean will be an unforgettable experience. In this guide, we’ll give you the inside scoop on how to plan and make the most of your visit to CocoCay. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply a day filled with fun activities, our guide has got you covered. So, grab your sunscreen, put on your favorite flip flops, and get ready for the your Perfect Day at CocoCay!

What is Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Perfect Day at CocoCay is Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas. This private island had multiple Caribbean beaches, several pools, bars, restaurants, shops and even a large water park which boasts the tallest waterslide in North America!

Is Perfect Day at CocoCay Free?

Most of the experiences at Perfect Day at CocoCay are free, included as part of your cruise fare. This includes plenty of free loungers on the beach and by the pool, several food venues, pools and beaches, and beautiful views.

There are several attractions that do have an additional cost, such as the waterpark, zip lines, UP and Away helium balloon and select dining locations.

Where is CocoCay Bahamas?

CocoCay is one of the Berry Islands in the Bahamas. It is part of the Bahamian cays and about 55 miles north of Nassau. It is right next door to Great Stirrup Cay, which is Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island.

The island of CocoCay itself is less than a mile long from east to west, however, it is only about 480 yards north to south. It is a very small island, making it easy to walk around or only a short tram ride to any of your stops.

Perfect Day at CocoCay Map 2024

Below is the latest Perfect Day at CocoCay map for 2024 with the new Hideaway Beach and all other beaches and amenities. Click to expand the CocoCay map or download it before your trip. You will also find a map of CocoCay in your Royal Caribbean Cruise App on the day you arrive.

Getting There

This private island is completely disconnected from any land mass or city. It is truly a private island, with the only inhabitants of the island being Royal Caribbean employees. This island is only accessible by Cruise ship, there are no public docks, airport or any other ways to arrive on the island.

Arriving by Cruise Ship

The only way to arrive at Perfect Day at CocoCay is by taking a Royal Caribbean cruise that includes this popular destination at one of its stops. In 2019, Royal Caribbean dredged and added a large dock which can hold 2 ships, removing the need to tender into this island. This new dredged dock can handle the largest Royal Caribbean ships, including the massive size of the Icon of the Seas and Oasis class ships.

Perfect Day at CocoCay: A Guide to an Unforgettable Experience 2

With this large dock, the island is fully handicap accessible and makes traversing between your ship and the island extremely easy. There are even small trams that those who have difficulty walking can take between the ship’s gangway and the entry to the island.

Exploring the Island

Beach & Pools

Chill Island and Harbor Beach (Free)

Relax and chill in one of the many free loungers scattered along these white sand beaches. There are plenty of loungers and umbrellas free to use, with perfect views of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. These two beaches have quick access to several bars and the Chill Grill when you get hungry.

Chill Island Beach is also one of the best places to snorkel on CocoCay. You will find a shipwreck with cannons, as well as plenty of tropical fish up in the rocks.

South Beach (Free)

Looking for a beach with more activities going on? Check out South Beach! This beach features basketball, volleyball, kayaking ($), paddle boarding ($) and other fun beach activities. Just as with Chill Island Beach and Harbor Beach, South Beach also has plenty of free loungers and umbrellas. For an additional fee, you can also rent daybeds, cabanas and more!

South Beach at CocoCay with Volley Ball Court
South Beach at CocoCay with Vollyball Court

Oasis Lagoon (Free)

This MASSIVE lagoon is one of the largest pools you may ever come across! This is a freshwater pool, perfect for those who may not want to swim in the open ocean. It features a gradual entrance and swim up bar where you can use your drink package from the ship. One note, this pool is not heated, so during the winter months, it can get quite chilly.

Oasis Lagoon at Perfect Day at CocoCay
Oasis Lagoon at CocoCay

In the afternoon, this pool turns into the ultimate party spot, with a DJ playing tunes and the swim up bar will be hopping. This is a great place to finish off your day at CocoCay before heading back to the ship.

Coco Beach Club ($)

Coco Beach Club at CocoCay is an elevated experience for those looking for that private beach club experience. This beach club features a private pool, a private beach with chairs and umbrellas, and an exclusive upscale restaurant. The Coco beach club typically runs

Hideaway Beach (Adults Only) ($)

Hideaway Beach at CocoCay is Royal Caribbean’s newest addition to the island. This getaway is for adults only and does come at a premium fee, typically $39-$89 per person. This new section features two heated pools, a private beach, two dedicated food venues, a swim-up bar, private cabanas, and more!

Our team will be visiting Hideaway Beach in March, and we will be creating an article complete with photos going into detail about what Hideaway Beach has to offer. Please check back soon!

CocoCay For the Kids

Splashaway Bay (Free)

Splashway Bay is the perfect splash playground for the kids! This is setup very similar to what you will find on the larger Oasis ships, complete with dumping buckets, small slides, sprayers, bubblers and more!

Captain Jill’s Galleon (Free)

This small water playground is a pirate ship with water cannons and a small slides. Kids will have a blast firing these water cannons, making sure everyone near them get soaked!

Thrilling Adventures

Thrill Waterpark ($)

Thrill Waterpark at CocoCay is the ultimate destination for water lovers seeking an adrenaline rush. This is a full waterpark featuring slides that will make you scream with excitement, like Daredevil’s Peak, the tallest waterslide in North America, and the exhilarating wave pool, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience. Thrill Waterpark at CocoCay does come at an extra cost, which varies per sailing. We have seen it as low as $40/pp and as high as $189/pp.

Zip Line ($)

Experience an exhilarating journey as you soar above the CocoCay harbor on a Zip Line. This heart-pounding adventure will take you over Thill Waterpark and CocoCay’s Harbor Beach, covering a distance of 1600 feet divided into three thrilling segments, each lasting approximately 20 seconds.

To join in on the excitement, ensure you’re sporting closed-toe or training shoes. You must be between 50 and 300 pounds to ride. Prices on this activity range between $79/pp and $139/pp, which varies per sailing.

Up, UP and Away Balloon ($)

Take a ride 450ft up in the air by balloon! This attraction must be purchased on the day of. It is only sometimes open and dependent on the weather. In our eight visits to CocoCay, we have yet to see this operating due to high winds every time. When it is running, it can be a great adventure. Each balloon ride can accommodate up to 30 guests at a time. Pricing for this activity ranges between $39/pp and $99/pp with discounted rates for children under 13.

Excursions and Other Activities

Please note prices will vary on each sailing.

Snorkeling (Free to $)

If you bring your own gear, you can snorkel at any of the beaches on CocoCay. Our suggestion for the best place to snorkel at CocoCay, is Chill Island Beach, near the rocks. You will find all types of tropical fish and a shipwreck you can explore.

If you are looking to rent gear, it can be purchased as an excursion on your cruise. Prices are about $20 for kids and $40 for adults. We suggest you buy your gear because it is often cheaper than the prices of the excursion and can be used at multiple ports. Typically, the water is calm, and you may not need fins; just a mask and snorkel will be enough for most.

Kayaking ($)

For around $45 per person, you can rent a two-person kayak and explore the crystal clear waters around CoCoCay.

Jetski ($)

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with an exhilarating Sea-Doo Jet Ski excursion in the breathtaking waters of the Bahamas! Cruise through crystal-clear waves, let the breeze whip through your hair, and savor the incredible views of the stunning coastline. This excursion costs $119 for the driver and $40 to add on a passenger. The total tour will last about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Swim With The Pigs ($)

Want to swim with pigs? You will take a short boat ride to another island with pigs you can splash around in the water with. This can be a fun experience if you love pigs, however, some have said at the price point of $159 for adults and $109 for children, this might be one to skip.

Indulging in Food and Drinks

At CocoCay, food is included at most locations, with a few that may have an upcharge. For drinks, you will find water, lemonade, and juices included and be able to get sodas and alcoholic drinks from the bars for an upcharge or included if you have a soda package or drink package.

Skipper’s Grill and Chill Grill (Free Buffets)

These two laid-back and complimentary food buffets offer various tasty options that parents and kids will enjoy. You can find crispy salads, assorted sandwiches, delicious tacos and guacamole, juicy burgers, and other family-friendly favorites straight from the grill. They also have fresh tropical fruits and a tempting selection of desserts, including indulgent double chocolate chip caramel brownies, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and refreshing soft-serve ice cream.

You will find plenty of things to choose from, even for your more picky eaters. There is lots of seating around these two grills with amazing views.

Snack Shack (Free)

There are multiple Snack Shacks all around the island, and all our complementary. This is our favorite venue, as the food is often cooked fresh. You can find burgers, crispy chicken sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, funnel cakes, and more here.

Captain Jacks ($)

Located right next to Skipper’s Grill, this location serves up an al a carte menu consisting of chicken wings, fries, and other island favorites. There is also a full bar with unique drinks, perfect for those with the drink package but also available for purchase.

Photos of CocoCay

Frequently Asked Questions

What is free at CocoCay Perfect Day?

The island itself is free, with plenty of loungers, a large pool, five different free food venues and several beautiful Caribbean beaches. However, not everything is free at Perfect Day at CocoCay. You still will need to pay for the Thrill Waterpark, Hideaway Beach, Coco Beach Club, Up and Away Balloon ride, the zip line and and a couple of signature food venues.

Is food included at Perfect Day at CocoCay?

Yes, food is included at Perfect Day at CocoCay.

What is the drinking age at CocoCay?

While yes, Perfect Day at CocoCay is in the Bahamas, and the drinking age in the Caribbean and Bahamas is typically 18 and up, at CocoCay, you will need to follow the cruise ship drinking age rules. You will need to be 21 years of age to enjoy a drink while at CocoCay.

Is Perfect Day at CocoCay good for adults?

Yes, Perfect Day at CocoCay is a great destination for adults.

Is CocoCay Free?

Many travelers will ask if CocoCay is free. The simple answer is Yes, CocoCay is Free, it is part of your cruise.

Is Oasis Lagoon at CocoCay Free?

Yes, Oasis Lagoon at CocoCay is free to use. This is the only free pool at CocoCay. Other pools, such as the Wave Pool, Hideaway Beach Pool, and the Beach Club Pool, all have an entry fee. Oasis Lagoon at CocoCay is free for all guests on the island.

How far is CocoCay from Nassau?

CocoCay is about 55 miles north of Nassau. The only way to access CocoCay is via a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Does CocoCay have free WiFi?

No, there is no free Wifi on CocoCay. Your ship WiFi package extends to the island. If you have a Zoom Internet package for the ship, it will also work at CocoCay.

Does CocoCay have Cell Signal?

No, there are no wireless cell phone towers on the island. For connectivity, you will need to use your ship’s internet package.

Can you bring your own snorkel gear to CocoCay?

Yes, you can bring your own snorkel gear to CocoCay and snorkel for free at any of the beaches.

Can you snorkel at CocoCay for free?

Yes, as long as you bring your own snorkel gear, you can snorkel at any of the beaches on CocoCay for free.

What is the best spot to snorkel at CocoCay?

Our suggestion for the best place to snorkel at CocoCay, is Chill Island Beach, near the rocks. You will find all types of tropical fish and a shipwreck you can explore.

What Country is CocoCay In?

CocoCay is in the Bahamas. It is one of the Berry Islands, about 55 miles north of Nassau and 55 miles south of Freeport.

Do you need a passport for CocoCay?

You can get on and off the ship with just your Sea Pass card. No passport will be needed for getting on and off the ship in CocoCay. Most sailings from a US port to the Caribbean only require you to have a birth certificate, and there is no need for a passport.

Is it Hideaway Beach or Hideaway Bay at CocoCay?

There is a lot of confusion about the name of the adults-only area at CocoCay. On CocoCay, the adults-only area is known as “Hideaway Beach”. Originally, Icon of the Seas was going to have a section known as “Hideaway Bay” in the aft on the top deck. However, they have renamed this to “The Hideaway.”

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