Disney Cruise Line is a fun and pretty much all-inclusive vacation for the whole family. If you are someone who loves Disney, Marvel, Pixar and the like and want to have a cruise vacation mixed with a little Disney Magic then this just might be the vacation for you. Of course all things Disney come with a price and we are here to break down how much does a Disney cruise costs. 

Also take a look at how much a cruise costs in 2024 to learn about other cruise line costs.

 Brief overview of Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line started in 1996 and has a growing fleet of ships. The fleet consists of Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Wish, Disney Treasure (late 2024) and Disney Destiny (2025). 

The Magic (1998) and the Wonder (1999) can carry 1,754 passengers in 875 staterooms. They were both built in Italy and feature art deco and art nouveau design aesthetics.  This gives that classic, almost lost to the industry, design and feel with the modern touches we all expect from Disney and love so much. 

Disney has made some innovations through the years, as well, they are the only family line to offer complementary soda at beverage fountains and at dinner (bar service is extra) and one of only a few lines to offer rotation at restaurants instead of a main dining room.

The other unique thing is the magic touch of Disney characters throughout. There is special dining touches, amazing theater productions, Marvel Day at Sea, Pixar Day at Sea, Princess and Pirates cruises, and holiday themed cruises. These are only going to be found when sailing with Disney.

Disney Wish. How much does a Disney cruise cost?

 Understanding the cost of a Disney Cruise

For those who love Disney, the value of cruising with Disney is pretty easy to understand. However, let’s break down what influences that cost. The season, destination, length of the cruise, cabin type, excursions, added dining options, drinks, and originating port all play a role in the cost of the cruise. 

For example, the least expensive cruise on the site right now for a family of four is a two-night sailing out of Australia. The most expensive is a 12-night sailing out of Italy. The price range is $1,800 to $136,000, and there are cruises for everything in between. Let’s dive into exactly how these factors cause price variations so you can pick the best sailing for your family.

Factors that Influence the Cost

Many factors go into determining if a cruise is worth it for your next family vacation, and the cost of a Disney cruise is determined by many different variables.

 Seasonal of Travel

The season in which you travel really affects the price due to demand. Summer is the most expensive season to cruise in. Spring Break, Christmas and Halloween are close in price to summer, but still less expensive especially in the Caribbean. The least expensive season is usually February, September and November due to weather and everyone being back in school as well as not being associated with holiday cruises.

Destinations and Ports of Call

Australia is known for lower prices, however, if you do not live there the cost to get there is usually pretty high. The Alaska sailings are also lower, but the excursions are more geared for middle age kids and older. The Caribbean is perfect for families of all ages and sizes and the per person price is usually pretty close to the same.

The other reason that destination affects the price is because taxes and port fees are based on destinations. Disney does a great job of not hiding these added fees, but take note that sailing from Port Canaveral to the same ports as if sailing from Miami or Ft Lauderdale will result in varying pricing due to Port Fees in the starting ports. 

Length of the cruise

Cruise fare really does depend on the number of nights as well. When considering price keep in mind the per day and per person pricing as well. Cruise A may be the same per day/person price as Cruise B, but it is more expensive because it is a 7-day and not a 5-day cruise. Sometimes you will find that the longer the sailing the less per day the price is, especially during that off-peak of February, September, and November time frame. 

Cabin type and Location

Everyone wants to have a decent place to sleep at night, and cruise cabins are known for being small. Disney cruise ships do things a little differently in that most staterooms have a split bathroom setup. This setup has a sink and toilet in one bathroom and the other has a tub/shower combo and sink. This is the only line so far that we have seen this on and it makes getting ready as a family a breeze. 

These cruise ships offer interior, ocean view, verandah and concierge cabins and the price between them varies. For example, a family of 4 leaving from Cape Canaveral in August on the Disney Wish the listed prices were around: Interior ($4541), Ocean View ($4763), Verandah ($4949) and Concierge ($7655)

Verandah cabin on Disney Wish

Onboard activities and excursions

Disney has the ability to add bottles of wine, beer, and more to your stateroom as well as fun little packs for the kids. These are everything from $9 for a cupcake to full adventure packs that are marvel themed. So set aside some onboard spending funds. 

Excursions can be booked prior to your trip or onboard and some deals will include onboard credits to help kick-start your adventures. These excursions can range from $20 for a mat rental to $2500 for a day out on a catamaran and so many options in between. To look up your sailing or a potential sailing you can check out Disney’s excursion site

Dining options

While dining options vary by ship, Disney has made it so that all dining is included except for a couple of Adult only options; Palo and Remy. There is an up charge for snacks outside the theatre and alcoholic beverages and specialty coffees. Other than these all dining is included with your fare including room service. 

How Much Does A Disney Cruise Cost? Understanding the Base Costs

Disney Cruise Line is not an inexpensive cruise. You will find that a Carnival Cruise and an MSC Cruise cost much less than a Disney Cruise. Disney brings a higher level than most cruise lines and includes much more in its base fare than other lines.

Breakdown of what is typically included in the price

The Disney Cruise cost is pretty much all-inclusive. They are one of a few lines that the only extras are excursions, alcohol, and a couple snacks. The price includes dining at restaurants, Broadway-style shows, deck parties, soda, 24-hour room service, and so much more. When looking at the base price of the cruise you could enjoy your vacation without adding a dime to it. Although, we highly recommend at least one excursion.

Additional costs to consider (gratuities, alcohol, specialty dining, etc.)

The one thing that is easiest to add early and prior to boarding is gratuities. It is recommended by Disney to pre-pay your gratuities of $14.50 per night per stateroom guest. This allows you to not have to worry about what is being billed to the room, although you can have it added during your sailing. Other gratuities you might have would be 18% added to any bar tabs or specialty dining (Paulo, Remy). Keep in mind on Disney alcohol is pay as you go and so is specialty dining at Paulo and Remy (adults only). 

 Tips for Saving Money on a Disney Cruise

If you are looking to save money while on your cruise then we have a few tips as well. Book early, watch for Disney Annual Passholder or Disney Visa card promotions, and use a Travel Agent to help locate the best sailing for your budget and timeframe.

Booking early

Disney releases their cruise ship itineraries about 1-2 years ahead of time. Book as far out as you can and work with a Travel agent to help get you on newly released sailings as this is when it is the least expensive. 

Taking advantage of promotions

Disney usually offers promotions through their Visa card as well as for Annual Passholders to their parks. Watch for emails to come in for these offers if you are in this category of Disney fandom. D23 members from time to time will get limited time offers as well. These offers never last long so book with your agent as soon as they come in.

Being flexible with your travel dates

If you can be flexible with your dates then you can avoid paying seasonal premiums. Get that just before summer or just after summer date if you can or even go completely off-peak. This will allow you to stretch your dollar even further or get that upgraded room you otherwise couldn’t get.

Considering a shorter cruise

If you are really budget conscious it is okay to take a shorter sailing and wrap the trip with a beach stay. Sometimes this is more fun for the kiddos too. There are so many combinations of vacations available that you can get really creative to stretch your money when needed.

Bringing your own drinks and snacks

If you love you onboard snacks and don’t want to pay for them outside the theatre feel free to bring some onboard. Disney has a great list of what is allowed on Disney ships and what isn’t. This is great to know before you sail anyway. You never want to accidentally bring a prohibited item onboard as it will be taken.

Comparison of Disney Cruise Cost to Other Cruise Lines

Other cruise lines provide a standard cruise experience. Most lines have a main dining room, activities for the kids, theatre productions, and more. Disney takes that to another level by adding in those Disney touches. Disney fans that love to cruise would love one of these sailings. Disney offers caribbean cruises, alaska cruises and even Australian sailings. There truly is something for everyone. 

What is the average cost for a Disney Cruise for a Family of 4 vs Royal Caribbean

Disney is slightly more expensive but lets breakdown a similar date caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean for a family of four in a balcony cabin that leaves out of Port Canaveral at the end of August and heads to at least one private island. Based on the season and date this would be an average cost for a 7 day sailing with both lines.

ItemDisney Cruise LineRoyal Caribbean
Base Price$7500$5300
Restaurant Dining$0$950

Excursion pricing is very similar across both lines. While Disney is around $1000 more for this specific sailing you get the Disney themed touches you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Disney cruise line offers ways to to visit Walt Disney World as part of your vacation excursions as well allowing you to truly make it a Disney vacation.

As you can see there is some real value to the items included in your cruise fare with Disney. 

Common Questions

A Disney Cruise offers a unique blend of adventure, entertainment, and Disney magic, tailored for families and Disney enthusiasts alike. Here are some common questions about the price of a Disney cruise. 

Is a Disney cruise All Inclusive?

Disney cruises are almost all-inclusive compared to most cruise lines. While most items are included, there still are a few items you will pay extra for including alcohol, excursions and snacks outside of the theater. 

Do kids pay full price on a Disney cruise?

Pricing on Disney Cruise Line is a per-cabin price for up to 2 adults, or one adult and one child. The 3rd and 4th person in the room are charged a reduced fare. 

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