Have you ever used Disney’s Magical Express? It is a great service that started in 2005 that gave Disney World Resort guests a ride to the airport and pick up their luggage for them from the baggage claim. Their bags would magically appear in their room in a few hours.

On the return trip, they could check-in to their flight and not see their bags until they arrived at their home airport.

Disney’s Magical Express has transported millions of guests and their bags for the last 15 years.

It was so successful that many other ground transportation unions filled complaints with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority as unfair competition.

However, since the phased reopening of the Walt Disney World Resort, many guests have noticed Magical Express is asking them to pick up their luggage and bring it with them on the bus and that the resort airline check-in service is also temporarily suspended.

So instead of being able to start your vacation immediately upon landing, you have to go to baggage claim, wait for your bags, and haul them to the Disney Welcome Centre to get placed on the bus to your resort. if your room is not yet ready you have to store your luggage with the resort Bell Services.

This can add up to an hour for the first day of your vacation. On top of that, it also has you congregate in baggage claim with the rest of your flight and adds extra interactions that you may wish to avoid due to COVID-19.

What if you could still get the luggage transfer service? What if you could get the same luggage transfer service when you land at home?

Well, you still can. The company that provided the luggage transfers for Disney was BAGS Inc. They operate another service calls BAGS VIP that offers the SAME luggage transfer service for any airport in the United States.

The cost is $39.95 for up to two bags within 40 miles (ie Walt Disney World Resort) with additional bags costing $10 and extra distance a $1 a mile. They promise delivery within 4-6 hours although we have experienced it much sooner.

We have used BAGS over 10 times the past few years all over the country. It works for all residential addresses and hotels. Think about not having to deal with luggage claim at LAX before going to Disneyland, or maybe you have a beach vacation at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort but you don’t want your luggage in your car if you are going to the parks first thing.

All you have to do is book the service within 1 hour before your flight is scheduled to depart, upload your flight details and description of your luggage and BAGS will take care of the rest.

So if you want the same experience of Disney’s Magical Express luggage service you still can, for a cost.

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