On March 12th, 2020 Disneyland announced it will be closing Disneyland Parks on March 14th and Disneyland Resorts on March 16th. Disneyland will remain closed through the end of March, however, this can change as the Coronavirus continues to spread.

Disneyland states that they will work with guests to who wish to change or cancel their vacation. They will be offering refunds to anyone who have hotel bookings during this closure window, however, it is unclear if they will be offering any refunds on tickets. Some guests have said they are only offering date changes on tickets, however, we have been unable to confirm this.

This closure comes after the State of California and the City of Anaheim put a ban on any events with gatherings over 250 people. Disneyland sees well over this number of visitors each day and for the safety of their guests announced a closure in line with this ban.

Walt Disney World remains open currently, however, they have taken measures to ensure the safety of their guests. Read more about Disney World’s Coronavirus response here.

View Disneyland’s full notice here

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