Parking at Walt Disney World can be complex. With multiple parks, shopping areas, resorts and different types of transportation, one can easily get a little confused. We wanted to address some of the most frequent questions we get asked about Walt Disney World Parking.

How much does parking at Disney World Cost?

  • Visitors will pay $25/Day For Parking at the 4 main parks.
  • Disney World Hotel Guests get free parking at the 4 main parks, however, a parking fee applies to their hotel. (see below)
  • Annual Passholders get free parking with a valid ID.
  • Preferred Parking is $50/Day (Peak) and $45/Day (Off Peak).
  • Oversized vehicles such as RV’s, trailers, busses, etc. are $30/Day.
  • Disney Waterparks have free parking for all guests.
  • Disney Springs has free parking for all guests.

How much does Parking at Disney Resort Hotels Cost?

  • Disney World Value Resort Hotels: $15/Night
  • Disney World Moderate Resort Hotels: $20/Night
  • Disney World Delux Resort Hotels: $25/Night
  • Parking is free for 3 hours if you have a valid advanced dining reservation at a Disney World Resort Hotel.

Do guests staying on property at a Disney World Resort Hotel pay for parking at the Theme Parks?

No, any guest staying on property at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel will not have to pay for parking when driving to any of the different theme parks. Just scan your magic band or room key at the parking kiosk for free standard parking.

How Can you avoid paying parking fees at Disney World?

There are a few ways to avoid paying parking fees at Walt Disney World when you are trying to save money at Disney World. The simplest way is to not bring a car. Disney world can be accessed easily via Uber, Lyft or Taxi. If you are saying at a Disney World Resort Hotel, you can take advantage of the free Magical Express transportation from the airport.

If you do have a car and are trying to avoid paying parking fees at Disney World, you can take advantage of some of the free parking available around certain Disney attractions. These locations include the Disney Waterparks and Disney Springs shopping area. Disney frowns upon parking at these locations if you’re trying to visit one of their theme parks. For this reason, they make it difficult to take transportation directly from these free locations to any park.

The $25/Day is worth the price when you look at the time hassle-free parking may bring you. You would need to make multiple stops in order to travel from a free parking lot to a theme park and with the already overcrowded buses, you would be adding 60-90 minutes onto the beginning and onto the end of your day.

Is there free parking at Disney Springs?

Yes! Disney Springs has free parking for all visitors. With the recent addition of the new Orange, Lime and now Grapefruit garages, there is plenty of free parking available at Disney Springs. If you are staying on property, there are also several transportation options including boats and busses between resorts.

Is parking free at the Disney Waterparks?

Yes! Parking is free for both Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. Both parks have lots directly in front of the waterparks and cast members will help direct you to an empty parking spot.

How late to the parking trams run at Disney World?

Disney World Trams will run in the parking lot up to 1 hour after close. There have been times where they have run later on busy nights, however, most the general rule is 1 hour after close.

Do I have to ride the parking tram at Disney World?

Walt Disney World Parking Tram

While the parking lots at Disney can be large, they’re still walkable. If you decide not to wait for the tram or the trams have stopped running, the walk generally is not bad, unless you are in the last rows.

What is preferred parking at Disney World?

Preferred parking at Disney World costs $50/Day (Peak) and $45/Day (Non-Peak). This higher-priced parking gets you a spot closer to the front of the park and sometimes a free bottle of water. In these spots, you will be in close walking distance to the entrance and will not need to ride the parking tram.

Is preferred parking at Disney World worth it?

In our honest opinion, no. Most times, these spots only get you 500-1000 feet closer to the park entrance. Considering the amount of walking you will do on a typical day at the parks, it’s a minimal energy saving. Due to the way most of the parking lots are set up, the preferred parking spots are the furthest back meaning more traffic to get out.

What if my car breaks down at Disney World?

Walt Disney World offers a full-service car care center on property with roadside assistance. If you find your self broken down in the parking lot after a long day of fun, simply walk back to where the tram dropped you off and flag down a Cast Member on the tram. They will then dispatch a team to assist you and even assist with a tow to the car care center if you need it. You can read more about Disney’s Car Care Center on its website.

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