One thing everyone needs to know when going to Walt Disney World is that there will be crowds. No matter when you go, there will be busier and more crowded days at Walt Disney World than other days. To make your trip more enjoyable, knowing these days can help you plan your trip and your itinerary to avoid the most crowded days at Disney World.

Often, the locals will know the best times to avoid crowds at Disney, however, connecting with them can be difficult. In order to help, many have created Disney World crowd calendars that pull information from multiple sources to create updated and accurate Disney World crowd calendars. Many of these crowd calendars will take into account special events, school breaks, concert series, annual pass blockout days and even weather.

Here is a list of our favorite Disney World crowd calendars.

1st: Dad’s Guide To WDW Crowd Calendar

This is a great Disney World crowd calendar put together by Dad’s Guide to WDW. What I enjoy about this calendar is he breaks it down by month and gives you the reasons as to why he predicted the crowd levels as high or low as he did.

This site does a great job of monitoring new events and updating their crowd calendars for these new events.

2nd: Disney Crowd Calendar

This is one of our favorite Disney World crowd calendars as it allows us to see crowd levels by park. Touring Plans uses data scientists to analyze patterns from previous data to determine what the crowd levels will be like. Furthermore, they also use this same data science to predict ride wait times for ride and attractions.

What we don’t like about this site is not all the data is free. In order to see the wait times and see 365 days of their crowd calendar, you have to subscribe to their service. That said, a subscription is only $16 per year and they state you will save up to 4 hours a day of standing in lines. If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, having this crowd calendar may be worth the price.

3rd: Undercover Tourist Disney Crowd Calendar

Undercover Tourist breaks down a crowd calendar by park in an easy to read calendar form. I am unaware of how they get their data. In addition to Disney, this site also provides Universal Orlando crowd calendars as well as Sea World crowd calendars. This would be a great crowd calendar to use if you plan on visiting other parks in addition to Disney World.

What’s Your Favorite?

There are a lot of Disney World crowd calendars online and in apps. In the comments below tell us your favorite crowd calendar and why you like it and we will add it to our list.

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